Upgrade ★★★★½

Holy crapola man! Leigh Wannell has made one of the year's most brutal and innovative sci fi films of the year! I knew nothing of this film. When I saw it started showing in my neck of the woods I saw that its star was the always reliable Logan Marshall from TV's Quarry(check him out there, even if the show is cancelled) and The Invitation and Whannell was its writer and director. Also it was a Blumhouse joint so that's a good sign. Movie starts and every scene was a total surprise to me. Yeah, Robocop and whatever other film you can compare it to, I get it. But this film has complete confidence in itself. The way technology is presented so casually, that house underneath the rocks, the shocking violence, the fights, the shootings, the car chases, the twists and the drama all unfolded easily and with tons of power. An adrenaline pumping ride. Worth the price of a ticket and a violently bloody change of pace for the summer movie season. Totally loved it.

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