Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Solo isn’t the worst Star Wars movie but it certainly isn’t the best either, I’ll start with the negatives and work my way toward the positives.

At times this film feels like it has a checklist of things it needs to do, like Solo and Landos first meeting, the acquisition of the Falcon and it makes the film feel so burdened by plot, that coupled with Howard’s tendency to drag scenes out creates a film riddled with pacing issues. The droid in this is incredibly annoying as well, and the development for some of the characters is quite rushed, some the characters are just plain bad to be honest. What the original directors were going for is quite noticable if you’re looking for it too, you can also notice who shot what due to lighting techniques and cinematography, while not hindering the film it just gets a bit jarring because you can go from a dimly lot sequence to blindingly bright one. 

I did really enjoy the hints of a bleaker tone though, the portrayal of the Empire on Corellia and the atmosphere of that planet was great. Alden Ehrenreich as Solo was actually pretty good, I thought he made the part his own in the same way Ford did. The heist sequence was insanely well done too, the whole thing had me on the edge of my seat. Solo does have some flaws, sometimes they outshine the positives and sometimes the positives outshine the flaws but it doesn’t stop this from being a very entertaining film.

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