Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Here Comes Mr. Jordan ★★★½

A cheery, quaint film about a man who died in a plane crash before his time. While in heaven, he is informed that he will be placed into the body of a different person back on Earth. It is rough going at first, but he rights a few wrongs, gets back into fighting shape, and meets a woman that loves him. All seems to be well, when out of the blue he has to change bodies and start all over again.

Your opinion of the movie rests mainly in the performances. Robert Montgomery plays Joe, the man who died too soon. Calude Rains is Mr. Jordan, an executive in heaven, and an angel of sorts here on Earth. I really like James Gleason as Max, Joe's old trainer and compadre. Evelyn Keyes is Bette, Joe's love interest.

I was wondering how a movie made in 1941 was going to do a body-swap situation. I have to say I was hoping for something more clever than simply using the same actor in the different bodies, and explaining numerous times that everyone else hears and sees him differently.

The few scenes in heaven were some what uninspired also. I know you have to be sensitive when depicting such an important location to so many people. But to simply use a plain white back drop, and kick the smoke machines up to 11 isn't quite satisfactory.

This is a very nice family movie, with a good message. It would be great for movie night with the young ones. But ti doesn't have a whole lot to sink your teeth into. I guess not every movie needs to be "deep". Some can be charming, toothless romps as long as the performances are good and the story is entertaining. All of which is true here.