Persona ★★★★★

These are the moments I live for. Discoveries like Persona are why I watch movies. It may be hyperbole, but masterpieces such as this elevate themselves beyond the medium of which they are cast. Persona is not just a movie, it is a spiritual experience. It made me get up from my couch and pace around the room, texting friends, trying to get someone to talk with about the brilliance I was absorbing.

The film follows two women, one an actress that has chosen to stop talking and the other a nurse that is assigned to care for her. They are sent to a summer beach home for some R&R. While here, the nurse opens up fully to the actress and finds comfort and companionship. That is until she feels betrayed by her, and sets out to confront her.

While having amazing performances, a hauntingly beautiful score, and emaculate cinematography, the film belongs wholly to the director. Bergman built a masterpiece of psychological terror and emotional labyrinths that challenges the viewer and entertain as well.

I plan on returning to this movie often.

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