Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★

A satire of the world of pop music and entertainment. Andy Samberg is Connor-4-Real, a hodgepodge of Justin Bieber and various other boy band turned solo entertainers. He surrounds himself with yes men, and believes that he is all that. He has one mega hit record, and the movie really gets going as we approach the release of his second album.

The film is mostly an obvious send up of these types of personalities, and the environment that builds them up, only to crush them later. I had heard that this was a modern day Spinal Tap, and for me it was more of a A Star is Born remake for the hip hop age.

Speaking of hip hop, this film has cameos from every famous person that I can think of. The cameos alone make up roughly 25 percent of the runtime. The other 75 percent is spent with Connor as he realizes that his second album is considered a dud.

Connor then has to resort to gimmickry and bringing an opening act to his show. This gives the movie a bit of a All About Eve kind of vibe. The side plot, which eventually becomes the main plot is about Connor's original group. They were 3 Beastie Boy types that had a big hit, and then broke up when Connor's star started shining brightest of them all. He brought one of his original members in to his current stage show, but sidelined him in the background. The third member has become a farmer, and we visit him as they try and heal their wounds.

The movie softens as it goes along, and it settles for a formulaic finale. This was destined to be a cult hit, and I wish they hadn't softened the end for main stream audiences.

The laughs stay at a pretty high level throughout the film. The music from The Lonely Island is good, but I had already heard all the songs that get performed. I'm not sure why this (or any other musical biopic real or fake) need to exist in a world where Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story has already covered much of the same material.

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