The Banshees of Inisherin

The Banshees of Inisherin ★★★★½

Here's my take: This is about social media.

Pádraic is dull. He is simple. He means no harm. He is nice. Then his best friend takes a radical position, and it poisons him. A shitpost makes an otherwise gentle soul, albeit a boring one, and causes him to act out. This spiral of toxic behavior drowns everyone in hostility.

Colm is an ass. He is pretentious. He hides behind an artifice of sophistication. You can say he perhaps aspires to be greater than he is, but he is deflecting his own shortcomings on those around him. I can appreciate the desire for concentration and simplicity, but I cannot justify the violence to get there.

The backdrop of the civil war is perfect. There are two mostly unidentified forces in the distance, fighting for a mostly unidentified cause. What is Twitter if not that? What is Facebook if not an island of nosey miscreants constantly poking each other in passive aggressive ways?

I laughed out loud a lot in this film. When Martin McDonagh is on I think he is one of the sharpest writers in film. When Dominic tried to ask Siobhán to fall in love with him, it hurt me on a spiritual level. That shit might be emotionally manipulative, but Christ did it get me.

And worst of all, I can see myself in Colm. I still have all my fingers, but I have behaved in similar way, I'm ashamed to say. I understand the urge for self mutilation just to make a point. It is inexcusable because it isn't about me fixing me, it is about a broken me trying to get attention, trying to make someone else feel bad, or at it's worst it is actually about harming in an attempt to heal. Which of course doesn't work.

It also perfectly encapsulates every vain InstaGram poster, every Nazi on Twitter, and every Karen on Facebook. And if you are not one of these, you are probably a Pádraic who feels compelled to comment "Pretty" on all of your niece's photos, or who leaves "prayer hands" emojis in the comments sections.

*says the narcissist typing this on a social media site*

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