Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★★

As an Eurovision Song Contest's viewer,I ejoyed it a lot,but it's an absurd mistake classify it as comedy,it doesn't take long to realize that this one is more drama than anything else,man,I got ecstatic when "Waterloo" began to be played during ABBA's performance at the edition of 1974,by the way,various cameos,songs and references to winners and participants of the contest happens throughout the movie,that compiled involving alternated songs being sung simultaneously is the most special thing that could be presented,I got goosebumps with so many unexpected things occurring,besides the competent editing which made me want to sing along them,Rachel McAdams is the best highlight of its cast,she's captivating whether in relation between Sigrit and Lars or in her way to face each adversity,obviously there are awful stuffs,after all,it's a feature film written and produced by Ferrell (among other professionals),silly incoherences are noticeable,and certain characters are exaggerated while they are executing specific facial expressions,even I considering a mistake,I need to judge its comical content because like that it was introduced to us,honestly,I laughed an irrelevant number of times,and they aren't very satisfactory,on the other hand,its main purpose sustained by a pleasant overcoming story,the creation of Eurovision's stereotypes like countries from the East surprisingly giving high points to a Nordic one,and the art direction of the fictional event are really helpful,in the end,it's a celebration to the European competition in all ways.