The Punisher

The Punisher ★★★

Revenge stories are always a competent method to develop a screenplay,and here it didn't disappoint me,with so many generic action movies produced lately,I thought that 2 hours of display would be a problem,but it wasn't,the sequences focused on deaths that would cause rancor between Punisher and a powerful commander of a criminal organization,I haven't watched the other versions,one of them starred by Dolph Ludgren and another by Ray Stevenson,but T. Jane is great in this role,in most of his appearances he says absolutely nothing,in this way,the expressions are what conveys his feelings,and the actor did it very well.Shooting scenes are entertaining thanks to skills lead role's getting along with firearms and even demonstrating an incredible capacity with aim,on the other hand,there are a lot of grotesque moments trying to aggregate more tension,but actually being only expendable.