• The Passenger

    The Passenger


    One of the biggest controversial issues related to films is the absence of lines during a long period,here that aspect is present several times,when there's a sufficiently satisfying script,in my opinion it doesn't any importance,even more considering the reflexive or shocking moments of dialogues provided by it,being sensible and succinct in a way that few movies are able to be,contemplative sequences are unforgettable,that one using the window of the room where Locke was hosted (already in the surroundings of Barcelona)…

  • Caliber 9

    Caliber 9


    If it were as effective as the third act,certainly it could be considered one of the greatest crime movies released in the 70s,portraying Americano being a person that anyone else should be afraid of him and also being submissive,it was built in the best possible way,I had the impression that he was always aware about everything,even with way too few appearances,maybe because in every Ugo's attitude there was some henchman chasing his shadow.In the end of so many risky situations,an…

  • Two Days, One Night

    Two Days, One Night


    It's been so long since I've watched a movie with such a low budget but with unquestionable quality which I even forgot how easily it can impress,this in particular follow a newly unemployed mother who due to an ex-coworker she gets a deadline to convince the employees of the company she worked to give up the salary bonus so that he can return to her job,during this journey,it's possible to realize each reaction with fairly distinctiveness of each person listening…

  • The Punisher

    The Punisher


    Revenge stories are always a competent method to develop a screenplay,and here it didn't disappoint me,with so many generic action movies produced lately,I thought that 2 hours of display would be a problem,but it wasn't,the sequences focused on deaths that would cause rancor between Punisher and a powerful commander of a criminal organization,I haven't watched the other versions,one of them starred by Dolph Ludgren and another by Ray Stevenson,but T. Jane is great in this role,in most of his appearances…

  • Born to Kill

    Born to Kill


    -Well,now at least people get thrown off to the next stop
    -Oh,don't worry,nobody gonna throw us off
    -What an assured man
    -You got to know what you want in life,be sure you're gonna get it,you can't miss,I found that out early
    -Most people don't know what they want out of life in the first place
    -I bet you do
    -Do I?
    -Yes,I do

    The confrontations sometimes ironical of its conversations are engaging,but the movie isn't anything besides that,because the time of execution is badly coordinated,nothing dynamic.

  • Hawaii



    My first Marco Berger,and I intend to see many others,the director seem have a too particular style in his movies.The editing made me feel spying the lives of its lead roles,countless scene have a wonderfully casual,few dialogues are uttered between Eugenio and Martín,and they aren't necessary,glances,smiles "say" everything that could be said (and allows imagine suppositions),whether in a routine activity or in a rest time,the environment sound is resorted,birds singing,sound of tree leaves being swayed by the wind,this is how…

  • Puppet Master

    Puppet Master


    Its introduction sequence is worthy of any declared trash,besides being grotesque,to be honest I thought that it would follow the same path based on a nonsense story (negatively speaking),but the plot involving a group of people gifted with mystical powers caught my attention,unfortunately no one of them utilized their gifts to defeat the threat,the skills of the possessed dolls are at least bizarre but I liked because there's an unique thing differentiating from each other,and the definition about why they…

  • Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy


    Clearly there's an evident pattern in movies directed by the Austrian duo,before The Lodge,this one had already suggested an antagonist in a succinct way,but after so many occurrences nothing is what was presumed,and that is the big deal of their movies: the act of subverting an information,the lack of communication is another common feature,in both productions it is convincing,here having a more implicit and extreme reason,its plot twist is really predictable (at least part of it),and a lot of scenes…

  • Who Saw Her Die?

    Who Saw Her Die?


    When I supposed what would happen to Franco's daughter,it was very similar to Don't Look Now,beside that reason,both are set in Venice,and the father take on the function of investigator,but this similarity isn't any merit,then I didn't create expectations,maybe the biggest difference between them is that the death which would determine its climax takes longer than necessary (about one third of the full length),making it tiring,and the plot associated to couples with members cheating each other is a rubbish,diverging from…

  • Howl



    Directed by two Academy winners but with different documentaries,it isn't too fictional for them taking into account that it was based on true events,I didn't know Allen Ginsberg,and in countless opportunities I would like to have him as a close friend,obviously J. Franco's performance collaborated to provoke that,by the way,he's wonderful,talking to the interviewer it's remarkable how his gestures and timing between lines are dominated with accuracy,the trial function of the trial has good intentions,yielding reasonable confrontation of arguments made…

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    "Frightening events take place" is one of the biggest clichés in synopsis of the genre,when I see something like that immediately don't expect for many authentic things,this one isn't aided by known jump scares,the absence of score is its best method to include suspense in an insular perspective,constantly I was feeling suffocated thanks to that and also to scarcity of conversations,what is interesting because there's an immensity out of the house,concluding that it has full capacity to cause distress,nevertheless,a less…

  • The Killers

    The Killers


    The non-linear timeline is addressed with so much quality that it allowed me to closely follow every new piece of the puzzle built by Reardon,understanding his train of thought when all scheme planned by the thieves was distinguished,permeating diversified points of view,it's hard to know who to trust,the treachery between members of the criminal organization is like a game which utilizes the most improved resources able to keep me paying attention with the objective of its screenplay be more comprehensive,and…