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  • Totally Under Control

    Totally Under Control


    Already screaming out for a sequel.

    TCU2: The Clusterfuckering...

    Sobering stuff.

  • Spiral



    Was JBC more sour here or on Canada’s Drag Race? Toss up.

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  • Stranger by the Lake

    Stranger by the Lake


    I've had a long held fascination with beats. I've never actually participated in their indiscriminate open air loving (not knowingly anyway) but I've spent hours watching from the sidelines. It helps that I live directly across from one, at least I did until the police locked it up. But even if I didn't, these public places where "men who have sex with men" have sex with "men who have sex with men" are pretty common. Therein lies the fascination.


  • Orlando



    The British, they just don't seem to make films like this anymore. These manicured, composed, intricate films used to be the backbone of the British film industry (Peter Greenaway, anyone?) and now they are sorely missed, by me anyway.

    I love the esoteric quality of Potter's adaptation. I love its symmetry. I love its archness.


    Shelmerdine: You are hurt, ma'am?
    Orlando: I am dead, sir.
    Shelmerdine: Dead? That is serious, can I help?
    Orlando: Will you marry me?