Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

This will probably never be one of my favorite Coen Brothers' movies -- I have a low tolerance for characters whose bad situation is of their own making. Even in Barton Fink, another film that sits just outside my favorite range, the character felt more like a victim of uncaring universe. Here Llewyn Davis just seems like an asshole who makes wrong decisions just to spite himself.

A beautifully played asshole, mind you. Oscar Isaac is great here, and for an obstinate son of a bitch he sure makes you care for a character that probably doesn't deserve your affection.

The most telling line in the film is when Jean (Carrie Mulligan) ask Llewyn if he ever thinks of the future. He just makes a joke of it. Future Llewyn should be so pissed at past Llewyn.

Anyway, the cat seems better equipped to deal with the world than Llewyn Davis is, and that makes this film incredibly sad. The saddest film the Coens have made. But it doesn't make it their best.

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