Tenet ★★★

3/5 may seem a little harsh, but for a film that purposely alienates it's audience, it isn't too bad.

I feel Nolan is the most self absorbed director, making an overly complex film that I feel he forgot to pay attention to the sound and feel of the film. Because, wow, that shit was deafening. Like, so loud it was distracting.

But the issues are, we have a story that has little to no emotional connection, is overly complex, and has characters just show up in one location from the last. You get to a new scene and have no idea why... but Nolan basically makes you think "who cares? there's going to be a big explosion in a minute!"

However, the positives. Like the action sequences genuinely kept me going in this film, they were damn impressive, as you'd expect.

And Kenneth Branagh... wow you absolutely stole this film from everyone. What a performance.

To sum up, this is as much of a Nolan film as a Nolan film could be. Predictable, emotionally dull, loud, long, confusing, impressive and BIG.

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