Sorcerer ★★★★

That was a visual treat to watch! The pacing gets a little awry somewhere in the middle, but the final hour of the film is absolutely fantastic. Ice road truckers, eat your heart out. I first heard of this particular issue with explosives in The Apple Dumpling Gang, and then got a more in depth look at the issue (and very similar trek actually) in "The Long Road Home," an episode from season 2 of Little House on the Prairie. Sorcerer is a thrilling visual stunner with great performances and a great score that was just a little underutilized for my taste. Lovely film though. A friend's review mentioned Fast and the Furious and I admit that that movie also passed through my mind while watching it until the second hour came around. That grill and hood on Sorcerer itself are sooo cool. Apparently it's from soldering together some 50s F7 and F8 grills together to get that custom and iconic look.

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