Life Is Beautiful

In a film where the story is a side issue and all attention is focused on the hyperactive, always optimistic main character. Who is such a hyperactive maniac who is having such a good time in the concentration camp. Where I couldn’t understand that guy at all. 

I could hardly keep my attention, I was actually irritated by everything; the silly, childish humor which wasn’t funny. The camerawork was very amateurish, and the stale music could be dusted off from time to time. There are quite a few things that are very unbelievable. 

I understand the thought behind this film; life is always beautiful and remain optimistic, whatever is happening. All well and good, but it’s not interesting. I don't agree with that message either.

Also, I’m cool with making comedies about WW2/ Holocaust (even though the focus here is more about the father’s love), and you could ask yourself wether to find it tasteful or not. The only questionable thing here is that it’s been made by Italians.

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