Satantango ★★★★½

A small village that is collapsed after a failed political system is now is drenched with alcohol, ever-falling rain and mud. The residents are waiting for a large amount of money that is their last hope for a new life. Only that alone gives me a gloomy feeling. 

Quite a challenge to watch this but in the end it’s so rewarding and you get much out of it. Including Messias metaphors, socio-philosophical critique on communism, capitalism and questions on human existence and purpose in life in general. Seven hours of groundbreaking cinema filled with almost spooky cinematography, a haunting accordion soundtrack, hypnotizing sound effects such as the wind, depressive faces but also surprisingly some absurd humor. Béla Tarr really gives new dimensions to the concepts of time and space in cinema through images of this kind. 

As a viewer you can only completely surrender and immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere. You’re a part of this environment, as if you’re one of the residents, for 435 minutes. Some shots like the men walking in the streets and the little girl with the cat that are burned into my mind. A magisterial work of art.

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