The Ascent

The Ascent ★★★★½

First half is wonderful, poetic depression almost, easily worth 5 stars. The snow, the bare landscapes, the close-ups of the sad faces, the whole desolate atmosphere. It has the whole time this hypnotic feeling to it. 

The second half is a different kind of story, it starts a bit tame and slightly boring, but after 15 minutes it’s back to being a masterpiece. It has incredible acting, a chilling soundtrack, fabulous camerawork and beautiful (Christian) symbolic. Really loved how one symbolized Jesus and the other one Judas. The ending is also incredibly well done with some surrealism to it.

Strongly recommended if you loved ‘Come and See’, although I think that one was slightly better since it was more human with more emotions, here are the characters more walking ideas (idealism versus pragmatism). But when it’s for symbolic storytelling (and close-ups of faces) it’s one of the best.

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