The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

Campos’ most ambitious film but not his best. A less artsy direction than his other movies result in a kinda bland audiovisual execution, the soundtrack is decent but not remarkable. Visually it was kinda bland with basic frames and camerawork, something you wouldn’t except from Campos if you’ve watched his other films. But it’s still decent if you compare it to what’s coming out today. The designs and sets within the whole setting are also well done. 

The source material is pretty dark (maybe darker than the film) and Campos knows to pull this off quite well. The switching between storylines is something that works in the book, but in the film it’s quite messy and lacks at time a certain focus. Also a good cast with Tom Hollands best role yet, an outstanding Bill Skarsgård and a pretty good Robert Pattinson which only at times doesn’t execute his accent that well (just like in The King). 

The pacing is slow but steady, as we can expect from Campos and the tension is there for sure. You can clearly see that this was made for Netflix since Campos did a much safer approach than he did in the past. But he maintains a interesting director.

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