The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★

Hard to rate this one because I have plenty of mixed feelings about this. 

The Holy Mountain is at it’s best a fascinating psychedelic experience where bizarre rituals happen filled with symbolism, and at other times it’s ugly, incredible annoying and silly. 

To start with the good things, the color palette is most of the amazing, filled with lots of bright contrasting colors set in an original environment with an intriguing soundtrack. At other times the looks are flat and bald, the vibrant colors dissapear, the soundtrack becomes annoying and cheesy and the rituals become really cringeworthy, it’s not even interesting to look at.

It’s filled with symbolism which I didn’t care about too much, I picked some themes out of it about culture, religion, war, sex and the consumer society. I’d prefer to view this movie as a surreal experience, and it partly succeeded in that. 

The first act is amazing, second act is interesting at times, but tend to drag, the third act starts quite boring but when the end is near it gets a bit more darker and the movie finishes decent. It has some memorable moments in it, but a lot of the movie (around 60%) won’t stick with me for too long. I still look forward to see how El Topo will be.

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