Halloween ★★★½

Yeah, it’s better but whatever.

Nah, but seriously. I do wanna discuss this a bit more.

I thought it genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, is better than the original. It doesn’t overuse the score every 10 seconds, the dialogue is better (1978 dialogue felt forced and cringe at times), the subtlety of it was great, the entire soundtrack is incredible, (as they use different tracks), the performances were better and this film was just more badass. I loved the character study of it too. 

Despite this, the characters are VERY dumb in this film except Laurie. Like very dumb, and that’s why I won’t give it a 4. Even tho I want to. I also do think they committed too much screentime to some characters aswell, like it didn’t need to last a few minutes to tell the same story and same effect. 

I’m still not drawn into this universe, but I am quite excited for ‘Halloween Kills’

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