Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★½

Spring break . A well-known term for us students: a vacation week which became something close to a carnival, abundance of bikinis, beers and drugs on Florida beaches (wrong spelling ?).
Basically, Korine builds up an ordinary band of sluts. Except their spring break has a cost: a fast-food robbery. Later, they meet a gangster. The filming of the crime is eye candy, like the actresses I might add. The director and his crew make appealing shots, very similar to bubble gums. There is a lot of bold and bright colors, use of black light and the cinematography by night is quite solid.
Franco is funny funny, can play piano with one hand and sing Britney Spears.

But the film clearly misses the hit because of Korine, thinking too seriously. He believes so hard in his delirious idea, capable of being a deep satire on violence and materialism in society. And the movie remains a long discourse, quite similar to basic rappers who deliver platitudes.

I wish Gomez would have changed a line from her: she talked about a pause button. More like a fast forward one would have been more useful.

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