Enola Holmes ★★★½

× ranked | 2020
× ranked | distributed by netflix

enola holmes was such a fun time! personally i really loved enola talking directly to the camera, it's silly but it brings you in and i laughed constantly at millie's facial expressions.

when i first heard about this project, i thought it was going to be a series. knowing that the director has plans for another 4/5 enola holmes movies, i do think the series format would have worked, especially with the way the movie is directed - it could quite easily be cut up into episodes (i mean that 120min runtime is really ballsy for what it is).

regardless, i do love this characterisation of each holmes and my inner brit was living for the whole enola holmes world. i'm perfectly happy with netflix throwing its money at this. more millie, more henry and more sam please!!!

× ranked | helena bonham carter
× ranked | henry cavill
× ranked | sam claflin

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