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26th film of The December Project

This used to be my favorite film. It wasn't even a contest; this was like a wet-dream for the 14 year old me when I first saw it. It had time-travel, a discussion of fate and destiny vs. free will, a distate for God, religion and delusional people like the teacher and Jim Cunningham. In addition it showed a troubled teenager reacting to the world around him with horror, before he falls in love and gets the girl, all with the end of the world rushing towards him, set in my favorite month of all; October.

I mean, how was I ever not going to love this? It had interesting discussions of what the world is, science fictional elements, a feeling of being alone and misunderstood and, on top of all that, it's really fucking strange. For me as a 14 year old, this encapsulated a ton of my thoughts and feelings, while showing me a strangeness that I had yet to discover in films, but have subsequently seen much of courtesy of Lynch, von Trier and other surrealist and strange filmmakers.

But as a 14 year old? I ate this shit up.

With four years more on my back, I can easily see why I fell in love with this film. Sadly, those four years have also made me a different person. I still love this film for what it meant to me, but it's not the same love I had for it earlier; the sort of love where I could easily watch this every day. Now I admire it more and while it's a film I can rewatch and still like, it doesn't mean or do quite the same for me as it did four years ago.

It's still a great movie though and I still really, really like it. If I ever make a Top 100 it'll probably be somewhere in the top half, but it won't be near #1. Now if I make a list of movies who meant much to me and influenced me, however... That's a different story.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

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