Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★

The cinematic equivalent of a screensaver with shots of greek islands that show while a CD of "ABBA's forgotten hits" play. It had the potential to connect Donna and Sophie's journey, and it starts off joyously enough with two light, breezy numbers ("Kissed the Teacher" and the Sophie/fiancé-one), but from there on it doesn't do much that's any use other than filling in blanks, at least until the "I Have a Dream"-number.

I wanted it to be fun, and it was, but it's also so vapid and empty and not nearly ridiculous enough. When it's fun, it's amazing, but when it's not, it's just there. Pretty to look at, though, and weak ABBA is still ABBA. But it doesn't hold a candle to the first, which goes hard on the melodrama. This one tries, and succeeds fitfully, but there's a movie inside here somewhere that cashes the check about three generations of mothers that this one writes out. I really wish I'd gotten to see that, or that it worked for me.

EDIT: The final number is extraordinary though. Wish the whole film was like that. Parallells upon parallells, generations feeding into each other.

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