The Fly

The Fly ★★★★½

This is easily the most disgusting movie I have seen since From Beyond. It may be even more disgusting than that, mostly because in this one you care about the characters.

So let's start with the actors and the characters they portray. They're all well-drawn and flawed. Though not unique (you probably won't remember a lot of them after watching the film), they're adequate and you feel for them - at least the two leads. While Geena Davis overstays her welcome a little bit, Jeff Goldblum is magnificent as Seth Brundle, playing possibly his best role ever.

Then to the special effects. They're friggin' awesome. If anyone says "CGI is better than the real thing", all you have to do is put this on, along with From Beyond, and say "How do you think this would've looked in CG?". It would've looked entirely different, sure. But these effects more accurately portray the ickiness and the vileness of it. There were two instances where I thought "that looks a bit weird", but other than that they're fantastic.

Onto the horror then. Because yes, this movie is scary. It's creepy, it's dark and it's vile. There were parts I didn't like (I thought the ending was a bit cheap, for instance), but overall this was a fantastic film - scary, moving and horrible - that I can't wait to see again.

But next time, I'm bringing a bucket.

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