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  • Wolfwalkers



    So, for New Year's Eve, I decided to end this year off with watching a movie that came out this year, and I am so glad that the movie I chose was Wolfwalkers. A gorgeously well-crafted piece of candy to the eyes, very fluid and beautiful animation, a strong voice cast, and just overall a great story, at the end of the day, my only criticism about this movie is the fact that it's stuck on a streaming service where this and Peanuts specials are the only things that could probably interest people in subscribing.

  • A Recipe for Seduction

    A Recipe for Seduction


    In the modern internet age, the old ways of advertising through simple TV commercials is something that doesn't really work anymore. As more people abandon cable for streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, it seems that the only way companies can get their commercials to potential consumers is through advertisement campaigns that target those who don't have an ad blocker, or target the worst demographics of them all... the memers.

    It feels like many companies, especially those in the fast…

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A Pop Culture Hermit Watches the Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Film no. 13/23 (and counting)
    Captain America: Civil War dir(s). Anthony & Joe Russo

    - The introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU. Even when this movie was coming out and the only MCU film I had watched was Guardians of the Galaxy, I was among the many who was excited to see Spidey in these movies after he was one of Marvel's most popular superheroes, alongside the X-Men…

  • Electroma



    Watching this again after several years since Daft Punk announced their break up via a YouTube video that uses footage from this movie. Man, I'm so upset. I love Daft Punk's music and my exposure to their music in my early teens is basically what led me down the music rabbit hole, exposing me to many artists and albums that I wouldn't have ever listened to had I not discovered Daft Punk. If you're not familiar with Daft Punk's discography…

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