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  • Split Second

    Split Second


    Rutger Hauer shows his badge to a dog, and not as a bit.

  • After Last Season

    After Last Season


    “I was… having a terrible dream.”

    Producer/writer/director/cinematographer Mark Region’s After Last Season is often mentioned alongside such jarringly guileless films as Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, James Nguyen’s Birdemic and the films of Neil Breen. Despite the fact that After Last Season demonstrates all of the hallmarks of low-budget naive digital cinema which these films share in common—counter-intuitive framing and shot compositions, unmixed sound, crude effects, library piano soundtrack—it was actually shot on 35mm film, photographed and edited piecemeal over ten…

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  • The Chinese Boxer

    The Chinese Boxer


    Written, directed by and starring Jimmy Wang Yu, The Chinese Boxer from 1970 was a pivotal film for the time, breaking from Shaw Bros wuxia formula and creating a more grounded, hand-to-hand fighting focused "basher" subgenre. Wang Yu demonstrates incredible directorial verve here, constantly moving the camera, cutting on action, and using deliberate modulations in lighting and mise en scene to telegraph the story.

    Wang Yu plays young kung fu student Ming, one of the few survivors of a brutal…

  • The Living Grave

    The Living Grave


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Director Colin Rose's "The Living Grave" from 1980 is a late entry in the Colin Wilson-hosted BBC2 series Leap In the Dark, a blend of paranormal documentary investigation and narrative teleplays. This episode, considering past-live regression therapy, is notably scripted by David Rudkin, who wrote Penda's Fen for Alan Clarke and Artemis '81. The episode is mostly comprised of hypnosis sessions, with Ian Hogg's psychiatrist character Joe Keaton regressing young nurse and mother Pauline to the British countryside in the…

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