My name is Wayne and I love seeing movies with my grandson. I rarely ever give a film a perfect score.

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  • French Exit

    French Exit


    This is one of the oddest and most bizarre films I've seen in a while and anyone who can't get on its wavelength is going to absolutely hate it. Thankfully I got onboard enough to find this mildly enjoyable. Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges are both great and it kept me laughing throughout even though I'm not really sure what this film was about or what it was trying to say. I don't even really know if I can say I liked this but I enjoyed watching it enough to give it a passing grade.

  • Kajillionaire



    I can understand how one could get behind this style and enjoy it but this just wasn’t for me. It’s overwhelmingly quirky and flat out weird. Good performances but this was just not my cup of tea. Wish I enjoyed this more.

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  • Secret in Their Eyes

    Secret in Their Eyes


    Boring, dumb, and derivative, "Secret in Their Eyes" is a huge disappointment that wastes it's talented cast on a thriller that fails to deliver any sort of tension or thrills. The twist is complete garbage.

  • Rounders



    While "Rounders" thinks it's a lot better and way more clever than it actually is, it still makes for a really entertaining watch thanks to the strong performances from Matt Damon and Edward Norton, some well done poker sequences, and very good pacing. Really entertaining flick.