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This review may contain spoilers.

If Harry Styles had been the one to wipe out half the population instead….I’m not saying I would have condoned it but I might have hesitated. 

I’ll be honest the first half is rough. It’s kind of a process to be introduced to all these characters, who they are, what they represent, their powers, and why they’re here on Earth. It’s another one of those moments where you have to kind of get through the first half to get to the second half. Once that got going I was all the way in. The visuals were stunning, thanks to Chloé Zhao beautiful gift of visionary excellence, and the fights were great, the script while my least favorite part, still offered a story that was a beautiful look into the humanity of people and a greater purpose the Eternals had. I wish they had spaced this out a lot more since there is a lot to pack in to this, and in only one film too, but for the time that it had it was different yet enjoyable.

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