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Mikołaj 🏳️‍🌈 Lisowczyk

Mikołaj 🏳️‍🌈 Lisowczyk

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  • 3 Brothers: Radio Raheem, Eric Garner and George Floyd

    3 Brothers: Radio Raheem, Eric Garner and George Floyd

    My profile pic on here has always said 'Raheem' in Japanese and it will always will. らひいみ. Rest in Power - Eric Garner, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others over the past 400 years. No justice. No peace.

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  • Atami Blues

    Atami Blues

    While this 1962 short may not be groundbreaking, if you're a fan of Japanese film and especially Japanese film history you may have to watch it if just to pay the director, the Grandmaster of Japanese film history himself, Donald Richie, some respect. You can really see his early love of Japan's National Cinema in this 20 minute short and it's always interesting to see historian's / author's ventures into film.

  • The Fetist

    The Fetist


    This film was gorgeous. There is a real beauty captured in The Fetist, the blue tones and hues pervade throughout combined with the wonderful score, reminiscent of August in the Water, makes for a wholly enjoyable viewing. The amount of video recording and viewing on CRTs gave of a feeling like I was watching something being produced for broadcast on Videodrome, and who doesn't love that.

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  • Night on the Galactic Railroad

    Night on the Galactic Railroad


    Truly a dream filled trip, it almost is exactly what you would expect from a film titled Night on the Galactic Railroad. It is an extremely touching film on what it means to be happy, how to be happy with oneself, and how to accept and embrace one's own sexuality. The film explores these questions in the most interesting ways with beautifully crafted entrancing shots. This film presented Giovanni and Campanella relationship in the most charming of ways, so much…

  • The Man Who Stole the Sun

    The Man Who Stole the Sun


    I made a really cheesy video with visuals from The Man Who Stole the Sun underscored by the theme from Taxi Driver, I think it really visualizes what I feel while watching this film.


    I have recently finished this film after a long time of being aware of it and I searched for discussions / essays on it but it is surprisingly under-seen. Written by Leonard Schrader, the younger brother of Paul Schrader and coming out only three years after his Taxi…