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This review may contain spoilers.

i really really REALLY wanted to love this movie and have a whole emotional experience i would have a hard time recovering from. instead i was really disappointed and, while i feel like i have an understanding for what the themes of the movie mean, not enthused at all. i get that it was a body horror about feeling out of place as a human and how you can feel like a lost machine in the world. it showed the different types of love and emotional attachment and for that i liked certain parts. i thought the lead actress was AMAZING and the main reason this movie didn’t get a lower rating. she did emotional detachment and absolute agony so well. i also enjoyed the building of the relationship between Alexia/Adrien and the dad. however i couldn’t connect with the whole missing son-father accepting random imposter pregnant girl situation. I felt like where the movie really lost me though was the fucking car sex car baby mechanical alien thing? i don’t really know why i didn’t like that whole plot line because i usually really enjoy weird shit but i was immediately confused and turned off. i don’t think i’ll be watching this movie again but i do want to give the director another chance so i’m looking forward to watching raw soon >:)

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