Ten Black Women ★★★★

A farcical dark comedy (it is legitimately very funny!) with a fantastic premise. A wife of a philandering TV executive and his nine other mistresses team up to kill him off. Natto Wada, Kon Ichikawa's wife, wrote the script, and it very clearly has a woman's touch, as the women are never painted as hapless victims as the script interrogates gender roles, capturing that tug of war between a society of women working and establishing their careers and identities, yet still expected to give that up for domestic drudgery. Kaze (Eiji Funakoshi) is also never painted monstrously, or even quite as terrible as Don Draper (the early 1960s transitioning out of the 50s setting will definitely make you think of Mad Men) and is quite passive and rather ridiculous too. He and Fujiko Yamamoto (playing his wife) have great banter and chemistry. The noir-like cinematography from Kon Ichikawa and his regular DOP Setsuo Kobayashi is just spectacular.