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  • Insomnia



    To be honest, this was somewhat of a chore. It seemed not realistic enough to be moving, not unrealistic enough to be fun. Though it almost manages the latter.
    Editing schtick that, as it revealed eventually, was supposed to mimic effects of insomnia was irritating to experience for the majority of the movie, though it pays off handsomely in the end.
    Work that screenplay does to make Al Pacino's character initially appear a better person was, in my opinion, a…

  • The Ice Harvest

    The Ice Harvest


    Pits noir and rowdy comedy to strip each of any thread of self-righteous pathos or joy, showing that not every antihero is a lonely bastion of integrity in a cruel world, sticks it up to the man or speaks truth to power. Sometimes they are just tired and not worth much.

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  • Marona's Fantastic Tale

    Marona's Fantastic Tale


    All the animation techniques on display and the character work... pretty fantastic. Not that complex on plot level as is common with artsier animation films. Is similar to "Garfield's 9 Lives" starring a rival animal, which is no slight.
    After some more deliberation:
    Bonus points: tricked me into thinking this was based on a book, which it apparently isn't.
    Minus points: you can't plan for shit (at least, as a dog), and happiness is fleeting so just treasure memories of it, I guess, is kind of a bummer of a moral.
    More bonus points: dog's wing-ears and TMNT parody.

  • Catwoman


    What if Sharon Stone is just angry with Halle Berry for misrepresenting her in the Flintstones movie?