Eternals ★★★

Went into this expecting nothing but actually got something out of watching this? There's some themes of faith which didn't work so well but were there, some really cool camerawork with the wide angle at times, and the ending fight is one of the coolest finales of any superhero movie I think? The scale of this movie is insanely big and honestly has some of the riskiest stuff I've seen from marvel which was cool to see and probably makes this one of my favorite Marvel movies. However the one thing that bored me to death with Eternals is that they spend most of the movie preparing and getting ready to fight a threat, and then a big twist happens that throws the plan off course in the last hour happens and that's when it actually becomes a fun time. There's this Deviant thing that becomes intelligent and human like which doesn't really work but also kinda did, it still resonated with me after I left the theater, didn't expect that from marvel so well done guys! Also, even though this story and style is so different from any other marvel movie, the humor still is exactly like any other marvel movie and the characters also feel like any other plain, unoriginal marvel character. I still had a okay time watching this in premium theater sound quality which did nothing except make everytime a celestial appear sound like a fart. Watch this for yourself!

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