I have very low standards for movies

Favorite films

  • Mahjong
  • Terrorizers
  • Metropolitan
  • Divorce Italian Style

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  • Pink Flamingos


  • Cecil B. Demented


  • Blood Simple


  • Syndromes and a Century


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  • Revolution Launderette

    Revolution Launderette

    List of the worst scenes in order of worst-ness:

    When the DJ flashes an Aphex Twin record on camera.

    When some continental European dude went and talked about Heidegger and called Japan the land of "empty rituals" and there's a shot of Barthes' Camera Lucida in the background, keeping in mind that this was written by two Singaporeans.

    When the two statues talked smack about existence and philosophy through subtitles.

    When the gun dropped and it turned into a pen.…

  • 12 Storeys

    12 Storeys

    Watched the restored 2K version at The Projector.

    There were many prudent choices made in the film. The death of a man only named as “Spirit” in the end credits, whose death remains a mystery to us even through the end of the film, serves as a clever bind to the three parallel narratives. The shots are very well thought out, and there were some truly beautiful shots. The Greek chorus of the coffeeshop men, while entertaining, also serves as…