Tenet ★★

A Clusterfuck of incomprehensibility 

It’s ten years ago that Christopher Nolan released Inception . I didn’t completely understand it at the time and and I don’t believe anybody who says they did are telling the truth  , but I still enjoyed it . If you think Inception was difficult to understand then multiply that by 50 and you get Tenet. 

This is the part of my review where I normally put a short synopsis but I just can’t . 
If you gave me a week I couldn’t explain what I just watched . 

Tenet is a mess . When I watch a film I don’t want have to have to be a master of Quantum Physics to understand the plot and from the very first minute to the last , i was utterly confused and I know I wasn’t alone . 

The action looks great and the acting from John Michael Washington , Robert Pattinson and Kenneth Branagh is really good but none of that really matters because of the clusterfuck of a storyline .

Another criticism ( and it may just be me ) is the amount on mumbling that goes on . Lots of the dialogue was incomprehensible and I’ve found that a lot with Nolan films. It was the same with The Dark Knight Rises and parts of Dunkirk. 

There will be people who give this five stars and say how wonderful it was because that’s what happens with Nolan films but let me tell you . 

They are absolutely wrong.

Considering we have all been waiting six months in lockdown , desperate for this to be released , this has to be the biggest movie disappointment of recent years .

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