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This review may contain spoilers.

When you turn your back to the house, the mountain top is always in front of you. Then on the way home, it is always right behind you.

This was an interesting film, darkly imaginative, not a typical horror film and calling it a dark fairytale feels appropriate.

It captures and shows grief between the beautiful and the horrific, the juxtaposition of the beautiful ladscapes and the eerily strange Ada. Cinematography was just amazing and the actors did a stellar job portraying their characters, It's really convincing.

I personally think that Ada was cute and creepy but adorable. Idk.. I want to have one.

Tho, the ending was just really sad, specially the part when Ada was taken by her biological dad (kinda), It was a revenge of nature ending. When the couple took the lamb away from its mother, they upset the natural order of things. Ada was just a device for Maria to face the concequences of her past decisions and choices–killing the Mama lamb and having an affair with her husband's brother, Petur.

I truly agree with this comment from youtube:

"I think the movie is primarily about Maria's inability to deal with her past tragedy (loss of daughter) and how she goes about trying to erase the pain of her past by raising the lamb as her own child, but it only leads to more tragedy. Notice an early conversation between Maria and her husband when he brings up the idea of time travel. The husband is focused on the future, but Maria suggests that time travel can also be used to go back to the past (to change things). The movie is about her inability to reconcile the events of her traumatic past and her attempts to recapture the happiness she once had. But the manner in which she goes about doing this ultimately upsets the balance of things and leads to more death."

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