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  • Mank



    A struggling cross between ”Lost Weekend” and ”Barton Fink”, lacking the passion, oddness and personality of any of those two.

  • Lola Montès

    Lola Montès


    Ophuls loves his foregrounds. When starting to watch this, I did not think I would recognize any special style with him, but those long takes through rooms and houses behind numerous things are unmistakable.

    Here he lets a transparent curtain cover the couple Lola (Martine Carol) and King Ludwig (Anton Walbrook). In another scene with the same actors, a long rope hangs completely in the foreground of the frame and even sways a bit. Later, inside a carriage, Lola's face…

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  • Crime in Paradise

    Crime in Paradise


    Think Gunnar Björnstrand was hot as “Jöns” in The Seventh Seal? Want to see Harriet Andersson try on her best scream queen face? Look no further. “Brott i paradiset” (“Crimes in Paradise”) bring you at least some of the stuff you expect to find in low budget Italian crime films, but with Bergman’s actors. This gialloesque black-gloved Swedish noir trip from 1959 has two crime journalists as heroes (played by Björnstrand and Andersson, named Adam and Eve, and sharing an…

  • A Russian Youth

    A Russian Youth


    Sorrowful humans in the First World War, depicted in images with enough aesthetics to make the film stand out among other war stories. Alexey (Vladimir Korolev) loses his sight out in the field and instead gets a mission where he can use his hearing.

    His friend Nazarka (Mikhail Buturlov) is supportive (aside from when he’s trying to get laid), but most of the time Alexey must fumble (literally) with his hands and fingers on soldiers faces and barbed wire, to…