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  • Okja



    giving this movie 5 stars because it actually managed to convince me that jake gyllenhaal was ugly and paul dano was hot

  • Kramer vs. Kramer

    Kramer vs. Kramer


    kramer vs kramer is a story about love, plain and simple. the love between a mother and father who don’t quite love each other any more. the love between a father and son trying to make the best life for themselves. the love from a mother who’s desperately trying to love a son who’s so very far away from her. it’s a story about love, love in its rawest, most vulnerable, human form... and it’s just beautiful.

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  • Ammonite


    saoirse ronan ✅
    kate winslet ✅
    playing lesbians ✅
    in a period film ✅
    saoirse's 1st best actress oscar win ✅

  • Ophelia



    watched for george mackay with eyeliner, stayed for george mackay with eyeliner.