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It took me three days to finally collect my thoughts so I could write a comprehensive review for The Last Jedi (and at this point I'm still pretty doubtful that I'd be able to put my thoughts into words properly). Why that long? Because I simply do not know where to start! Having seen it 2-3 days earlier than the rest of the world, I had to be careful sharing my thoughts and feelings online without giving the vaguest and slightest idea of what's to come their way because the The Last Jedi was simply SUPERB! Massive props to Rian Johnson whom I admire so much for being bold enough to take this Episode into a new direction! He took the risk of deviating from the typical "star wars film" formula that everyone grew familiar with through the years and the end results delivered well! Fans who grew attached to the olden ways of how these films are constructed will definitely feel indifferent when seeing this for the first time because it really wasn't trying to be like any of the earlier Star Wars films! And that's one of the things I loved about it! You don't know what happens next! The Force Awakens (2015) was good but I dare say that that film was mostly Fan service (which is why the public outcry back then was "it's so much like the original trilogy ughh") but The Last Jedi... it definitely stands on its own and the path this film took will change the course of how things are going to be on the next installments of this much beloved franchise! (wait was that a spoiler? nah I don't think so lol don't hurt me!)

Besides the new feel of it, I just want to commend every actor who did their part in this so well that it almost hurts me... hurts me to realize that I could never be as talented as them lmao. But in all seriousness, from our OGs, Mark & Carrie (missing you forever, momby!) to our new-gens Daisy, John, Oscar, Adam and new arrival Kelly... all of them delivered electrifying performances! All the characters were written so well (especially, though I'd hate to admit it, that emo punk ass bitch Kylo Ren). The score is still as bone-chilling as ever and the cinematography... my wIG FLEW!

All in all, this film was 2 years worth the wait. It isn't the most perfect Star Wars film (yet?), it had its flaws but if a film had this much sincerity and genuineness and passion from all the people who've worked on it, heck I'm a forgiving person too okay lol.

The wait for Episode IX starts now and honestly, it's gonna be a one long and excruciating wait...

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