Us ★★★★★

"And to think, if it weren't for you I would've never danced at all."

Let Jordan Peele inspire a million ppl to keep making original scripted horror and genre films. US makes you love the characters and raises the stakes, breaking the tension with genuine humor and then rebuilding it over and over until you can't really handle it. Music in this movie is A+++, Tim Heidecker's mannerisms rule, but mainly Lupita N'yongo takes it TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

There's lots to unpack (and I'm sure google searching or Twitter will show you) about stifling childhood trauma, the duality of good/evil in a person, your real identity vs. the one you're presenting vs. the one that hides in the darkest bits of your mind, but above all this is a 100% enjoyable and creepy as fuck horror film done right.

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