• All of Us Strangers

    All of Us Strangers



    It’s really really slow which was a bit of a bother but after the first 30-40 minutes, the plot really intrigued me. As did the visuals.

    Andrew Scott’s performance kind of annoyed me at times if I’m being honest

  • The Inland Sea

    The Inland Sea

    I’m not going to rate this cause I don’t know how to rate something like this.

    I find Japan to be a beautiful and interesting place and I hope to visit one day. So, I liked it just for that. But while I know that entertainment isn’t really the point or objective here, I was pretty bored watching this.

  • Detour



    Homie got as unlucky as you could get

    PERFECT title

  • Mary Last Seen

    Mary Last Seen

    Why’d he do it though!!??

  • The Fall

    The Fall

    This shit is tense

  • Blast of Silence

    Blast of Silence


    Movies from the 40s, 50s & 60s seem to always manage to make the ending feel rushed.

    This looks really really good 

    Score is weird and tense and improvisational. The score is probably the best thing about this film. 

    Really like the narration, personally 

    Couldn’t help but be reminded of Fincher’s The Killer

  • Bottoms



    This movie is just ridiculous

  • Little Odessa

    Little Odessa


    Felt like this had potential to be really good but fell pretty flat

  • Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast


    Nowhere near Under the Skin in terms of filmmaking style and vibe. Not what I would’ve expected from Glazer knowing the little bit I know about him

  • Solaris



    I’ll go ahead and be three head about it. This shit sucks. It’s not offensively bad but it’s a waste of time

  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman


    It’s really rough but the point is felt. And it’s got its funny moments

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    Cancel culture kills