Imaginur ★★★★½

This film made you go through a brain wrestle, how people often mix memory, imagination and reality mostly stems from pain, trauma, loss or grief that can manipulate your sense of reality. It’s also a whole visual trip. I’m so glad they ended up filming it in Perlis and the bgm was so good! 

I think we are used to listen to the side of the carers of Alzheimer’s patients, in films or even irl, hearing your friends or neighbors sharing how hard it is to take care of their nyanyuk family members. It’s rare to hear from the patient because obviously, they can’t say. They can’t remember, they can’t even recall what they don’t remember. I think The Father (2020) was one of the films I watched that tells from the patient’s perspective and I really loved it. I felt the same with Imaginur. 

While it explored some heavy themes, at its core it was really just a romantic film between Zuhal and Nur. Zuhal was trapped in a loop centering around Nur, because his feelings and emotions for her were too strong. I love the scenes with the 2 of them and the dialogues, there’s fun, cute and sad moments right from how they first met until the last scene at the station.

I had Yachty’s lyrics stuck in my mind for the past month that goes “Imagine me, circling through life without a piece of you.”

Which is why the ending scene made me teared up because imagine finding comfort and happiness in each other, but one day it just disappears and you can’t even pin point what and who used to make you the happiest. Can’t even recall their face. But you know damn well the feeling that you used to have, but you can’t remember what was associated to that feeling. It’s a cruel disease fr. When Nur said “We had a good life.” 😭 tearssss in my eyes.

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