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  • The Secret Life of Pets 2

    The Secret Life of Pets 2


    The Secret Life of Pets 2 feels less like a feature than it does a series of vignettes produced for the home release of the first film. Broken up into a series of episodic tales there's a lot to like here, the animation is great, there's a couple of laughs, the voice acting is good and it's fun but it's all so disjointed that there's a sense that someone realised that these shorts could be strung together to feature-length and…

  • Klown



    Klown is wonderfully perverse in the manner in which it manages to make some pretty deplorable things comedic fodder. Like all great comedy, it's not afraid to cross the line, something it does throughout. Much like Curb Your Enthuaism the biggest laughs are saved for the end and watching Klown many may wonder how it is so revered but as those final minutes pass the film all comes together in the most wonderful of ways.

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  • Renegades



    A solid mid tier action film that knows exactly what it is and never strives to be anything more than entertaining. The action is well staged, the cast are fine and the script decent, it's the underwater scenes which impress. The heist itself is a nicely realised set piece, sure it's pure tosh but does it matter when the film exists simply to kill 2 hours. No one expects great insight from a film like this and while it tries…

  • Skin Trade

    Skin Trade


    One of the best action films in quite some time, one which deals with some weighty issues without ever feeling exploitative. The story takes a number of dark and unexpected turns and the cast are all on top form here but let's be honest no one is here for either of those and as such it's the action that attracts most. Thankfully the fight sequences are superb with a truly breathtaking scene involving Jai White and Jaa going head to…