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  • Dead Poets Society

    Dead Poets Society


    Yeah look I had heard this became sad but I was not prepared for how heartbreaking this film would be. Yet that part of it only works as well as it does due to the incredibly warm and joyous moments before it. Every scene with Robin Williams is absolute gold, and the ensemble cast of kids are gloriously fun to follow. Love Neil with all my heart. If I have any issues with the film it's that I wish less time was spent on the subplot with Knox and Chris. Loved this movie so much!

  • Matinee



    Film Club Ranked

    An enjoyable piece of campy tribute to a sillier film loving time of the past that is carried by a great John Goodman performance, but isn’t as funny or as engaging as I had initially hoped. Everything happening that isn’t Mant and John Goodman, especially in the first half, was a little dry but the whole thing was still quite fun but will probably not stick in my mind past me writing this review.

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  • Paprika



    This movie is truly spectacular. First off it looks fucking beautiful and it’s so imaginative and crazy, so quite up my alley. The characters are extremely well done and are quite grounded and 3 dimensional. The only characters I didn’t like were the two villains that are revealed in the 3rd act. They were kinda bland and lacking that Paprika that’s throughout the movie. My favourite parts might actually be the detectives arc and how that turns out as I thought it played out surprisingly and creatively. Overall I’d highly recommend this movie, especially if you like Inception (btw I still like Inception more lol)

  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    Secret Cinema Ranked

    Holy hell! This film lit a damn fire up my ass! Its very mesmerising imagery and beautiful score both complement and completely throw you off from this crazy ride of a plot. Acting around is great but it's the main three performances and the writing of them that makes this film as gripping and captivating as it is throughout its 2 hour and 20 minute run time. This is not me being racist because this is like…