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  • Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

    Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves


    four quick things:

    1). Mila Kunis is in this. 

    2). the only reason i know that bananas have potassium in them is because of this movie.

    3). Dean Cundey directed this? this is his only directorial credit? what?

    4). this movie offers an incredible scene of a teenage girl berating a boy about the importance of consent after he takes advantage of her that honestly feels like a moment in a movie that would come out today and it’s insane and amazing that it’s actually in this 22-year-old direct to video threequel.

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  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window

    Joe Wright? No. More like Joe Wrong. G’night everybody!

  • Poetic Justice

    Poetic Justice


    It’s got charm to spare and Janet & Tupac have undeniable chemistry, but I found the movie as a whole to just be okay. It’s a hangout movie that all of the sudden wants to be about something in the end, but then doesn’t really pay off its seriousness in any real way by the time the credits start rolling. Not a bad movie! But not one I’d call successful overall.

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