Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell ★★★★

Delirium of the highest order. Watch in awe as Sam Raimi constructs the most packed horror movie you’ve probably seen in some time. Every shot, scene and sequence completely devotes itself to terrifying and entertaining the audience. Raimi gradually lets himself go and slowly, but surely, unleashes a adrenaline-fueled visual & narrative doom rollercoaster that takes us on quite an amazing ride. The end result? Sublime.

Its greatest strength is how it constructs such a sympathetic yet morally flawed main character, and how she’s brought to life with such a wonderful performance. You don’t normally see a horror movie taking its time to develop character, yet Raimi somehow does it. From start to finish, Christine is a cursed woman we can’t help but root for, even when our faith is proven to be misplaced time and time again. This interesting dynamic she has with not only other characters but with us as well breathes an entirely new feeling into that final scene — and oh, how well-constructed that final event is. 

Drag Me to Hell? B-movie art at its highest form. Horror so driven to stimulate and entertain that watching even a single scene gets one’s heart racing. It’s a Sam Raimi film from top to bottom and I really can’t sell it better than that.

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