Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Some things that we presumed were going to work in Spiderman Far From Home and did...
Tom Holland to put up another performance that only strengthens his campaign for being the best Spiderman ever, though you're not there yet my boy (ugh maybe he is but I'm in denial).
Would it be as funny as Homecoming? Absolutely it was, when you have the writers of the Lego Batman movie working on your film it is destined to have great comedic value. In my opinion Lego Batman is pretty much the front-runner in animated comedy and their writing skills have evidently transferred into this Spiderman film.
Will Marisa Tomei continue to be the hottest female in the world above the age of 50? Absolutely, Aunt May? More like Aunt May you be my wife?
Lastly my boy Daddy G. Jake Gyllenhaal (our lord and saviour) takes on the role of Mysterio and delivers a performance that cannot be faulted. One thing about the new Spiderman universe is that they have a knack for casting great side characters like Keaton as Vultute and now Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. All hail Jake Gyllenhaal.
It's a really fun and entertaining watch but I'm not so sure about the post credit scene though. Wtf was that? Also I'm always suprised at the amount of people who leave the cinema when the credits roll, do you know nothing?

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