Carol ★★★★★

Extraordinary. This film made me view the entire world differently, my surroundings, my every step, every single person I laid eyes upon, it's like I was seeing for the first time. It is just so beautiful and I'm not sure how else to properly describe it. Everything worked well. Everything. ​
The film has a way of finding beauty in the simplest of details imaginable. Much of this film takes place inside a car. And those shots, are the most breathtaking, the most enchanting, and at times, the most haunting. Every shot tells a story and subjects viewers to take in every moment shared by these characters. The emotional place each character visits is exquisite, and makes you as a viewer break for them. I never cared for Rooney Mara until I saw her in this film. It has been four days since I saw Carol, and images of Theresa Belivet (Rooney Mara) are still flickering in my mind. Her timidness, her trembling nature when succumbed to the unknown, its an earth shattering performance by Mara. Therese sulks in doorways, steps shyly and even speaks with such fragile-ness. And it works. It works. It works. It more than works, it excels.

Simply put, Carol is breathtaking, brilliant, and utterly intoxicating.

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