Second viewing tomorrow night with more heavy and likely emotional words. (Sorry)

But for now, I will say that the only film to ever scare me to the point of tears and shaking was The Sixth Sense, I still can’t seem to make it through that entire film. Something about it really gets under my skin, has since I was just a little girl. Part of me thinks it’s the pain Toni Collette wears on her face, I think that is inevitably what made me so afraid. The look of pain brought on by blame, mothers are exceptionally good at blaming themselves. Guilt ridden hearts, it’s their cross to bare. I’ve felt it deep in my soul for as long as I can remember, that I will carry pain upon my face when I become a Mother, it’s this strange sensation, almost premonition like wonder that flickers before I shift my mind to something more soothing. Toni Collette portrays what my spirit knows is inevitable, she does it better than anyone. I’ll carry her performances in The Sixth Sense and Hereditary within my bones for as long as I live. 

I know this all sounds insane, I will try my hardest to become more detailed and personal after tomorrow’s viewing. It’s nearly 2am and I am afraid to lay my head to rest, only to have painful dreams of destroying my children one day.

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