I finally watched this last weekend, it was last Friday evening and I hope I cherish those 3 hours for always.

Back in April, my little Sister brought me home the soundtrack for this movie that she bought me for 50 cents at our local DVD/cd/record store. It's the only cd I've been listening to since she bought it for me. My favorite track is #3, Build that Wall, I can't pinpoint why I just really really love it. Being familiar with the soundtrack first and then watching the film was such an odd experience, but a beautiful one, I just couldn't stop smiling when I heard all of those beautiful words and melodies provided by Aimee Mann, bouncing across the screen. 

This movie is grand cinema, and it demands to be seen, heard, felt, etc. 

Sometimes people need a little help. Sometimes people need to be forgiven. 

You can forgive someone. Well, that's the hard part. What can we forgive? Tough part of the job. Tough part of walking down the street. 

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